Full Name Nimona
Hair Color Pink, Purple, Various
Gender Female, Various
Alliances Evil
Occupations Blackheart's sidekick

Picture 19

Nimona, Page One.

Picture 20

Nimona, Chapter Nine.

"I'M A SHARK!" -Nimona when she's a sharkEdit

Nimona is the titular character of the webcomic. She's also a a murderous shapeshifter, possibly a centuries-old rage-fuelled hellbeast, and, most importantly, a shark. 


We first see Nimona breaking into Lord Ballister Blackheart's lab, trying to convince him that "the agency" sent her to be his sidekick to "appeal to today's youth," and, when that fails, turning into a shark as a display of her shapeshifting abilities. She eventually suceeds in getting hired and immediately starts correcting Blackheart's evil schemes to include more chaos and bloodshed, which he doesn't appreciate.

She often uses her powers to trick people and appears to have a sense of humor.

Abilities Edit

Nimona shows many abilities during the webcomic, the most shown being her ability to shape-shift. She can become anything except objects, including fantasy creatures that aren't even shown to exist in the comic. She can alter her body (ex. Altering her muscles,) and in some cases, when cells from her body are removed, can make the cells become a new but mindless creature.

She also has the ability to heal in seconds. Lost limbs and even her head can heal and regrow, causing her to be dangerous. Not only being able to grow back limbs, she can heal any wounds.

As strong as her powers are, her weakness is a device made by Dr. Meredith Blitzmeyer. Though it was not the doctors intention, the object ended up shutting off Nimona's powers a short time. This means that if the device were used, she could be killed and unable to heal until her powers turned off, which would already be too late.

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